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Environmental Inorganic Chemistry

The Environmental Inorganic Chemistry Unit analyzes a variety of samples such as water, wastes and soils.  Water samples from both public and private water systems are examined for chemical and/or physical parameters.

A private water system (homeowner) can obtain chemical analyses from this Laboratory only if the sample is submitted through the local health department.  These samples are routinely analyzed for alkalinity, arsenic, calcium, chloride, copper, hardness, lead, iron, magnesium, manganese, pH, fluoride, and zinc.  DHHS form #1441 must be submitted with each sample.

A private water system can obtain a fluoride analysis from this Laboratory only if the sample is submitted through a local health department, a dentist or physician.  DHHS form #1840 must be submitted with each sample.

Nitrate/Nitrite samples must be shipped to the laboratory cold.  Analysis of the sample must begin within 48 hours of collection (plan collection time and transportation accordingly).  A special kit is available requiring DHHS form #4017.

Health Departments may order Inorganic sample kits for routine chemical analysis, fluoride analysis, or lead analysis may using DHHS form #1345 (Laboratory Supplies Requisition).

Physicians and dentists may order fluoride sample kits using DHHS form #2882.

Sample Collection and Shipment

All samples must be collected in sampling containers supplied by this Laboratory.  Complete directions for sample collection and shipment are found on the back of the request form included with each sample kit.  Samples should be mailed as soon as possible after collection.  Each sample must be properly identified with a completed form.

Optional parameters are aluminum, barium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, potassium, silver, sodium, mercury, selenium, antimony, acidity, phosphate, conductivity, sulfate, total dissolved solids, and surfactants.  Nitrates and nitrites require a special sample kit and must be shipped on ice.

Ammonia and cyanide require special containers, collection procedures, or preservatives.  Before collecting samples for these parameters, please contact this Laboratory.

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